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I am a Sales Representative for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, working out of the Signature Service brokerage near Square One in Mississauga. I have been with the brokerage for four years now; in 2011 I received the prestigious BHGRE "Platinum" award and was the Top Realtor in a brokerage of 70 sales representatives and brokers.

I believe that I have built my success on the two tenets of entrepreneurship: hard work and knowledge. I am well aware of the suspect reputation Realtors have among the general public... the comments range from "slimeball" to "do nothing" to "liars" to "angels".... Okay, maybe not "angels". The point is, Realtors can have a tough go of it, character-wise. Read More »



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susi's 7-year eqao research/rankings

Consistency matters!

The Best Schools in Oakville

The public school rankings in Oakville are dominated by the schools that offer French Immersion. Seven of the top nine schools offer French Immersion, and all nine elementary schools that offer French Immersion exist in the top... read more

The Best Schools in Burlington

The state of education in Burlington is basically average compared to other cities and towns across Ontario. There are a few great schools, a lot of average schools, and some schools that I steer my clients clear of... read more

The Best Schools in Etobicoke

There are currently 49 public elementary schools in Etobicoke, and I have ranked them all - including Norseman at #14, Sir Adam Beck at #24 and Dixon Grove at #31 - these are only the ones in the Top 10. Based on seven-year EQAO research... read more

The Best Schools in Vaughan

If you're a concerned parent looking for a really great district for your children to live in, there are schools in Vaughan that just may do the trick for you. As a Realtor in the GTA familiar... read more

The Best Schools in Richmond Hill

In Richmond Hill, as a Realtor I know that much of this can naturally be attested to the higher-than-average household income levels in their schools, especially along the Yonge Street corridor. They also have lower ESL levels... read more

The Best Schools in Markham

When seeking great schools with great rankings in Markham, it appears (somewhat unfortunately) that most of the well-ranked schools are in expensive-to-live-in districts. These are the schools... read more

The Best Schools in Milton

The great feature of Milton is that, as an experienced Realtor dealing with school districts, I can find you a lot of house for considerably less money than you might get in Oakville or Mississauga. But do you want to risk the possibility (and I stress that it's only a possibility)... read more

The Best Schools in Brampton

If you're a concerned parent looking for a really great district for your children to live in, unfortunately Brampton has fewer places than other cities that might qualify as great school districts . Along with Milton... read more