Brampton School Rankings: Brampton’s Best Schools

Last updated on March 27, 2015 by Susi Kostyniuk

Brampton signIf you’re a concerned parent looking for a really great district for your children to live in, unfortunately Brampton has fewer places than other cities that might qualify as great school districts . Along with Milton, they have struggled to produce schools that have excellent pass-rates on the EQAO test scores the Ontario government establishes every year for all publicly-funded schools in the province. However, the good news is that I have seen some improvement over the last three years, and I hope this trend continues.

Perhaps it can be argued that in Brampton, much of this can be attested to lower-than-average household income levels and the large numbers of recent immigrants and ESL students in their schools. Perhaps not. It’s certainly up for debate. What is definitely interesting is that Brampton has two “balanced calendar” schools that are doing much better than almost all other schools, and now the Peel Board has plans to add more balanced-calendar schools in the future.

For some parents, Brampton is their only option, and parts of Brampton are really quite beautiful. And when they look around for Brampton school rankings, it may be hard to find. The Fraser Institute is an unreliable source for Brampton parents because they neglect public schools that only go up to Grade 5, and more than half of Brampton’s public schools do exactly that.

This is part of the reason why I created the SUSI Rankings, which in Mississauga (which has the same JK-5 “problem”) involves heavy research into a school’s consistency in EQAO pass-rates over the years, and also how well a school is expected to perform given their district demographics.

With those factors in mind, here are the 2015 SUSI Rankings for the city of Brampton:

1. Queen Street (JK-5)6. Mount Royal (JK-8)11. Edenbrook Hill (JK-5)16. Beryl Ford (JK-8) *3 yrs
2. Ray Lawson (JK-5) *2 yrs7. Grenoble (JK-5)12. Red Willow (JK-5)17. Copeland (JK-5)
3. Roberta Bondar (JK-8)8. Mt. Pleasant Village (JK-8) *3 yrs13. Fallingdale (JK-5)18. Parkway (JK-6)
4. Eldorado (JK-8) *1 yr9. Ingleborough (JK-8) *2 yrs14. Great Lakes (JK-8)19. Hanover (JK-5)
5. Walnut Grove (JK-8) *1 yr10. Aloma Crescent (JK-5)15. Terry Fox ((JK-6)20. Lorenville (JK-8) *1 yr
1. Queen Street (JK-5)
2. Hanover (JK-5)
3. Roberta Bondar (JK-8)
4. Mt. Pleasant Village (JK-8)
5. Helen Wilson (JK-6)
6. Copeland (JK-5)
7. Mount Royal (JK-8)
8. Aloma Crescent (JK-5)
9. Treeline (JK-8)
10. Parkway (JK-6)
11. Edenbrook Hill (JK-5)
12. Homestead (JK-5)
13. Massey Street (JK-5)
14. Red Willow (JK-5)
15. Grenoble (JK-5)
16. Terry Fox ((JK-6)
17. Hickory Wood (JK-4)
18. Great Lakes (JK-8)
19. Stanley Mills (JK-5)
20. Dorset Drive (JK-5)

There are currently 70 ranked public schools in Brampton (plus four or five new ones) – these are only the ones in the Top 20. However, I do not recommend all 20 schools on this list to the concerned parents that take up the bulk of my clients.

On my website, I have rankings for Mississauga, and also school rankings for Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill elsewhere on the site.

What Does This Mean for YOU?

If you’re looking for a great school district for your family, it is essential that you have a real estate agent (with a team) who knows schools to help you out. Real estate agents for buyers are free of charge. Promise you’ll buy with me and I’ll advise you not only on schools, but on everything else you need to know! And there are a TONNE of things you need to consider…

  • How far do you want to be from work? Do you need to be close to highways? To a GO station?
  • Do you need to have a community center nearby?
  • Is a townhouse right for you? Do you know the difference between condominium and freehold?
  • Is the age of a home important to you?
  • The reputation real estate agents have is not favourable. It is more than often deserved, however. I have seen it first-hand and it is disgusting. Do you know if your agent is knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy?
  • When you find a home, does the furnace need replacing? Roof? Windows? Attic insulation? Is there mold?
  • Where do the airplanes fly? Will they fly over your home? Does this matter to you?
  • Is French Immersion an option for your family?

The trick for every home-seeker is to be armed with as much knowledge as possible so that you can make an informed decision in finding the best possible home in the best possible school district for your family.

The components of the Teacher Support Index were gathered through casual discussions with working education professionals, and both the TSI and the SUSI Rankings should be considered as simply an informed and reasonable opinion of the team at If this page was useful in any way to you, please give it g+1 or a Like! I will never contact you through this method (hey - I don't even know how!), but if this page was useful to you, I'd love the shout-out! Thanks, Susi