Etobicoke School Rankings: Etobicoke’s Best Schools

Last updated on March 31, 2016 by Susi Kostyniuk

Etobicoke's Best SchoolsThe public school rankings in Etobicoke is an important list that concerned parents with young families seek out to determine what the “best” schools in Etobicoke are these days. However, it’s possible the schools that accomplished the best EQAO pass-rates last year (how the Fraser Institute groups their rankings by default) might NOT be the “best” school for your child. Not only does consistency have to be measured, but also the happiness the parent feels with their home!

As an experienced agent and the west-of-the-GTA’s most prominent “schools” Realtor, I can find you a house that you want within the boundaries of any of the great school districts in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Richmond Hill or Markham. I know the great school districts in all of these areas (having done the school rankings myself) and know much about schooling itself.

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There are currently 51 public elementary schools in Etobicoke, and I have ranked them all – including Humber Valley Village at #13, Norseman at #17 and Claireville at #23 – these ones here are only the ones in the Top 11. Based on six-year EQAO research, here are the Top 11 schools in the 2015 SUSI Rankings for public schools in the city of Etobicoke:

1. John D Parker Public School

John D Parker PS is Number One in the overall Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Mount Olive (Etobicoke North). John D Parker PS is a seemingly remarkable institution as it has the least Teacher Support in all of Etobicoke, yet they still pull off the best 6-year EQAO scores in the city! This school should be THE model for all other schools with similar demographics.

Looking at their colour-chart, you can see a sea of blue, meaning that they have been consistently performing WELL above average in the EQAO testing, and of course this kind of performance is worth a consistency rating of 5.0. This is the kind of consistency that is a valuable indicator for any young family looking to move into the area.

Searching specifically within the John D Parker boundaries, one can find mostly detached homes from $400K-$650K in the 3+BR category. Otherwise, there are a number of inexpensive 2BR apartments here, as well.

2. Braeburn Public School

Braeburn PS grabs the second spot in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of The Elms (Etobicoke North). Like John D Parker, Braeburn PS doesn’t get a lot of Teacher Support at all (relative to other Etobicoke school districts), and the only properties you can actually buy in this district are lower-income apartments. So this is another amazing performance in the northern part of the city!

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that after a poor 2009, they immediately turned it around and have been excellent ever since, which is good enough for a 4.5 consistency rating. How did they turn it around so fast? Has the TDSB looked into this so they can apply these lessons to other lower-income school districts? I sure hope so!

Searching specifically within the Braeburn boundaries, one can only find condo-apartments and condo-townhomes, all under $225K in early 2015. Lots of 3BR places here, too.

3. Humberwood Downs Public School

Humberwood Downs PS moves up to number three in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Humberwood (Etobicoke North). Humberwood Downs PS is right across from the Woodbine Casino, so if you have a gambling addiction, know it, can’t help it, but still want the best for your children, this might very well be the place for you!

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that Humberwood Downs has had an exemplary 6 years of fantastic, non-drop-off performance, which results in the top consistency rating of 5.0. It’s doubly impressive as they are one of only two K-8 schools in the Etobicoke Top 11, so their Grade 6 test scores count to their performance as well.

Searching specifically within the Humberwood Downs boundaries, one could find a small selection of detached homes in the $700K range, but otherwise it’s mostly condo-aprtments under $400K.

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4. Wedgewood Public School

Wedgewood PS is this year’s Number Four in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is also located in the neighbourhood of Eatonville (Etobicoke South), in the Burnhamthorpe/Kipling area. Wedgewood PS is an excellent school district for those with more money, but still prefer taking the subway or GO Train to work.

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that they don’t rest on the fact that they have great Teacher Support in comparison to other Etobicoke schools – they really excel. This kind of consistency is one of things I look at for my clients, and makes it my top recommendation for those looking to move into Central Etobicoke!

Searching specifically within the Wedgewood boundaries, one could find detached homes anywhere from $600K all the way up to $1.5M in early 2015. There are also some condo-townhomes in the school district.

5. Princess Margaret Public School

Princess Margaret PS resides in the fifth spot in the 2015 Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Princess Anne Manor (Etobicoke Central), in the Eglinton/Martin Grove area. Princess Margaret PS is a JK-5 school that I have been recommending to my clients for quite some time, and I am happy that the school is certainly backing my assertions up.

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll see that they are colouring the town blue with the Grade 3 scores across the board, and this kind of performance earns a well-deserved consistency rating of 5.0. Any school district with that kind of dependability should be at the top of any young family’s list of potential spots for their children, if they could afford the area.

Searching specifically within the Princess Margaret boundaries, one could find some 2-storey homes in the $800K-$1.1M vicinity in early 2015. There are also a good amount of cheaper bungalows here.

6. Briarcrest Public School

Briarcrest PS is Number Six in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Eringate, lovingly nestled in the west armpit of the 427/401 intersection. Briarcrest PS gets a lot of Teacher Support compared to other Etobicoke schools, mainly for their very-low ESL rate. So they theoretically have an advantage over other schools (in my opinion) when it comes to getting nice EQAO test scores.

Looking at the Briarcrest colour-chart, you’ll notice that they have done extremely well, with only one “average-yellow” in their last six-years. I prefer to look at it as a happy sun warming the big blue sky. The green part is a tree, of course! A trunkless tree. Who says they don’t exist?! Whatever way you look at it, Briarcrest’s test-scores are a pretty picture for any prospective young family.

Searching specifically within the Briarcrest boundaries, one could find a few semi-detached homes in early 2015 in the area of $600K. Otherwise there are mostly detached homes in the district.

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7. Gulfstream Public School

Gulfstream PS is a newcomer to the Top Eleven, holding down the seven-spot in the 2015 Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Emery (east of the Humber River in North Etobicoke). Gulfstream PS doesn’t get the greatest Teacher Support, and in fact they have the lowest rate of Parental Education in all Etobicoke. Usually lower parental education has acted as a deterrent to good EQAO test-scores, but not at Gulfstream!

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that they have three “oranges”, but their Consistency rating is still higher at 3.5, and that’s because their three oranges all came from the same Grade 6 year. They have been quite consistent, otherwise, and I believe that it acts as a valuable indicator for any young family looking to move into the area.

Searching specifically within the Gulfstream boundaries, in early 2015 one could find a few 3-storey townhomes in the $500K range. There are also detached and semi-detached homes serving this school district.

8. Seventh Street Public School

Seventh Street PS is Number Eight in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of New Toronto in Etobicoke South. Seventh Street PS is the public elementary school you want to shoot for if you’d like to take a chance on what they say is a “neighbourhood to watch”. New Toronto and Mimico are getting a face-lifts, indeed, but I still feel a little strange about recommending these district to my young-family clients at this point. New Toronto and Mimico do appear to be great for couples right now, though!

Looking at the Seventh Street colour-chart, you can see that their consistency rating of 3,5 is well-deserved, and really should be 4.0 now that I look at it again. Alas, the rankings are finished, and the fancy rank-box here is already made up, sooooo… nah. Suffice it say, Seventh Street could even be as high as #6 with a 4.0 rating. Conclusion: good school!

Searching specifically within the Seventh Street PS boundaries, one can see that there isn’t a whole lot of 3BR inventory here. When homes like this come up, they are usually detached in the $550K-$800K range.

9. Millwood Public School

Millwood PS rises up to take the ninth spot in this year’s Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of Markland Wood, right at the Mississauga border. Millwood PS has some great EQAO numbers, and they should. They have the 5th-best Teacher Support in among Etobicoke public elementary schools, being in the Top Ten in all three demographic categories.

Looking at Millwood’s colour-chart, you’ll notice the straight blue sky with the afternoon sun. This kind of reliability earns a consistency rating of 5.0 which propels them into the Top Ten afer a rather unkind Potency Rank of 16th. There are no worries with this school if you’d like to move into the desirable neighbourhood of Markland Wood.

Searching specifically within the Millwood boundaries, there are many lovely detached homes in the $800K-$1.2M range, but there are also a number of 3BR condo-apartments and condo-townhomes available for way less.

10. Sunnylea Public School

Sunnylea PS is Number Ten in the Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood Stonegate-Queensway (Etobicoke South). Sunnylea PS is a small K-5 school, with only about 240 students attending. They get fantastic EQAO pass-rates, but that is to be expected in such a high-income area (that doesn’t take anything away from their success, however).

Looking at their colour-chart, it looks great, but because they have the most Teacher Support in Etobicoke, and because they were “only” 7th in the 6-year EQAO rankings, they received a 19th in the Potency Rankings and dropped to tenth overall. Still a trustworthy school, though, in my opinion.

Searching specifically within the Sunnylea boundaries, you’d notice that this district is all detached homes. They start at around $800K and can go all the way up to $2.2M.

11. St. George’s Public School

St. George’s PS takes the eleventh spot in this year’s Etobicoke school rankings, and is located in the neighbourhood of of Princess-Rosethorn (Etobicoke Central), in the community of Princess Gardens. St. George’s PS has the third-most Teacher Support in Etobicoke, so they are expected to do well, in my opinion, and they most live up to that, but because they are only tenth in the EQAO scores, they fall slightly, overall, as well.

Looking at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that they have had very strong results for the past six years – enough to earn an excellent consistency rating of 5.0. So if you have the dollars to live here, but don’t want a private school education for your child, St. George’s seems to be, at least, “good enough”.

Searching specifically within the St. George’s boundaries, in early 2015 one could find beautiful homes in the $1M-$1.5M range. I know what you’re thinking – for that price, they’d better be beautiful, huh?


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PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you are a parent/resident of this community, or a teacher at this school. Other families looking to move into this district need to hear from you! This website averages over a thousand unique visitors every week. This is the best place to tell others about your community and school! (Susi welcomes ALL comments, good or bad, but negative comments will only be used to inform her clients. They will not be published here.)


  1. Mira says

    Susi, you’re awesome! I was googling Etobicoke schools and I got your website! Well done and very informative!
    Your old friend from Erindale, U of T!

  2. Sunny says

    Thank Susi for the good info. I am the one who is thinking of buying a small house (about for 6M or less) in Etobicoke mainly for investment(rental income and future profit). Which area would you recommend? Thank you.

    • Susi Kostyniuk says

      You’re welcome Sunny. But you could get much more than a small house for under $6M! :-) If you had meant $600K, then you have a decent amount of options in all parts of Etobicoke (with most of these schools above), provided “small” is all you need. Wedgewood is near the subway, so that might be a good start.

  3. Balananthy Seevaratnam says

    my kids studying at Jhone D parker junior school,we ‘re sooooo proud of our school,teachers and principal.They’re doing so many hard works and activities.We’re so proud our kids participating in many school activities.

    Thank you for doing this great job.

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