St. Basil Catholic School, Mississauga

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4235 Golden Orchard Dr.
{Rathburn and Golden Orchard}

The St. Basil school ranking is what you’re looking for, and it’s right here on this page. This ranking represents an opinion of mine based on hundreds of hours of research with the end-goal of determining where the “best” schools in Mississauga are for young families to move into. There is so much more to finding a good school district than just its ranking, however, and finding homes in recommended school districts is what we specialize in at SusiHomes! St. Basil is located in the Mississauga neighbourhood of Rathwood.

St. Basil EQAO Performance

Taking a look at their colour-chart, you’ll notice that St. Basil has a lot of ups and downs in the last 6 years of government-sponsored EQAO testing, in virtually all subjects tested. I have assigned them a consistency rating of 1.0, which is the lowest possible score, unfortunately. Consistency in EQAO test-scores is one of the key factors we look at for our clients. See the worksheet below for an even more-detailed look at this school’s performance.

St. Basil Demographics

St. Basil ranking Demographics Mississauga

The St. Basil school ranking at SusiHomes (much more so than at the Fraser Institute) is heavily influenced by the demographics within the school district itself. See the Potency Rankings on this page for a detailed explanation of this invaluable process. These demographics are not “radial” demographics like every other real estate portal uses – SusiHomes uses customized data specific to each individual school district for their calculations. And it’s THIS kind of data – unavailable anywhere else! – that’s available to all clients of Susi and her team. It’s intriguing to know the demographic details of your child’s potential peers!

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St. Basil School Ranking

The St. Basil Catholic School ranking is thus shown below:

Inconsistency with any school is a big red flag in my opinion. What has happened with the Grade 6 math scores over the past three years is just puzzling. I wish this school the best but right now I do not recommend it to my clients.

Real Estate in the St. Basil School District

The experience of searching-by-school-boundary gives the team at SusiHomes an incredible advantage over other Realtors when looking for real estate within the actual St. Basil boundary. For instance, with just a click of the mouse, I can see that there are detached homes here now in early 2015 in the range of $465K-$665K. Clients of SusiHomes receive ONLY the listings from school districts they approve of, so that they are SURE that the home they are interested in ALSO lies within a recommended school district. Check out the Fresh Listings in Recommended Mississauga School Districts – we get every listed home in any great district!

What else is there here? Perhaps you’d like to sign up for listing-alerts in Superschool Neighbourhoods. Or you can even see how other schools in this city are ranked. Or just surf through the site at your leisure! The only thing we ask for in return is just to consider SusiHomes to be your personal real estate team working hard to find you a great home in a worthwhile school district for your children.

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Please note: All of my clients receive one FREE, all-essential, unbelievably-important HOME INSPECTION (value $500) on the home they purchase, as well. When you put an offer on a house, please make sure you have a home inspection done on the property before ultimately committing to it! Getting a free Home Inspection is just one of the perqs that my clients in the Informed Buyer with Privileges program receive!

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you are a parent/resident of this community, or a teacher at this school. Other families looking to move into this district need to hear from you! This website averages over a thousand unique visitors every week. This is the best place to tell others about your community and school! (Susi welcomes ALL comments, good or bad, but negative comments will only be used to inform her clients. They will not be published here.)

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St. Basil Worksheet

St. Basil
Catholic School

is ranked

# 55

in 2015


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