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Derry West Village Public School, Mississauga

Last updated on September 9, 2013 by Susi Kostyniuk

620 Twain Avenue
{Twain and Mclaughlin}

Derry West Village Public School ranking Mississuaga


The Derry West Village school ranking has dropped a spot over the last year, and lies in the middle of the pack in school rankings, but this is still a school I may recommend to my clients.

Their 7-year EQAO rank is quite acceptable as they perform 13.3% better than average – good for 24th in the city. Their Potency Rank isn’t great, but I think that in this case, the Potency Rank is a little cruel – they are only 9 spots worse than they perhaps should be.

Derry West Village is NOT for families who prefer peace and quiet, however. They are the worst district in Mississauga for airplane noise. Still, as a Realtor and an experienced School District Advisor, I don’t really tell my clients to avoid this school district.

Take a look at their 7-year EQAO performance chart below:

EQAO Performance Chart

Derry West Village EQAO Mississauga


You’ll notice that they have actually been consistent over the last five years, with pass-rates usually above average. This is the number one reason why I cannot disavow Derry West Village to my clients. Consistency can be extremely important to place trust in a school. All of this is important to know if you are moving your children into the Derry West Village school district.

The Derry West Village ranking may not good enough (if you’re checking out this site) for you to move your family into, however. There are probably better odds to find in Meadowvale Village itself. And there are many other factors to consider, like drive-time factors, neighbourhood demographics, and actual house concerns too! Perhaps you should take a look at School District Smartsearch to get you started.

You should also have a look at my Homes For Sale in Great School Districts page. There are many MORE homes in recommended school districts that I can find, but each one of these homes IS in a school district that I recommend to my clients.

Derry West Village Public School

Susi filming outside Derry West Village PS in Meadowvale Village

Derry West Village School District
  • ♦ median household income $58K
  • ♦ 28.7% single-parent rate – highest in city by a longshot!
  • ♦ 52.2% high school or less
  • ♦ 45% renters
  • ♦ languages: English 54.1%, Urdu 9.4%, Spanish 3.4%
  • Much MORE demographic info available!!

Derry West Village School District
Derry West Village

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