Derry West Village Public School, Mississauga

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620 Twain Avenue
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The Derry West Village Public School ranking is below, and this school is located in the Mississauga neighbourhood of Meadowvale Village. First let’s take a look at their 7-year EQAO performance chart…

Derry West Village EQAO Performance



Their EQAO chart shows that Derry West Village have been somewhat consistent over the last seven years, but it’s possible that they should be doing even better than they are showing. They have, in my opinion, the 14th-best teacher support in Mississauga, out of 78 schools. But it’s not a huge concern – they only finished 5 places lower than perhaps expected. The worst part of this district, for many noise-sensitive parents, would be the fact that Derry West Village is likely the loudest school district when it comes to airplane noise.

This is important to know if you’re moving your children into this school district. And just as important as the Derry West Village Public School ranking may be their School-District-Specific Demographics.

Derry West Village Demographics

Full demographics are, of course, always available to clients, and as an example I can tell you that Derry West Village has the second-youngest population in the city, at a median age of 32.7 years, and that over 90% of the residences here were built in this millenium.

Do these demographics relate in any way to the Derry West Village school ranking? They do in the Susi Rankings! Studies have shown that certain demographics can indeed affect the overall test performance of a school, and I have incorporated those theories into the Potency Rankings, which comprise half of the Overall Ranking.

Derry West Village School Ranking

The Derry West Village Public School ranking is thus shown below:



The Derry West Village school ranking may or may not be good enough for your family to take a chance on it. But do you want to move your family into the Derry West Village Public School district? Is this district in a neighbourhood that is in your budget? There are many other factors to consider, too, like nearby convenience, drive-time factors, and actual house concerns too! Perhaps you should take at look at School District Smartsearch, and get yourself started off properly!

You might also want to take a look at my Homes For Sale in Recommended School Districts page. There are many MORE homes in recommended school districts that I can find, but each one of these homes IS in a school district that I recommend to my clients.

Derry West Village Public School

Susi filming outside Derry West Village PS in Meadowvale Village

More Derry West Village
  • ♦ total population: 9300
  • ♦ 62.0% with children at home
  • ♦ languages: English 30.5%, Panjabi 11.8%, Urdu 10.5%

Much MORE demographic info available!!

School-District-Specific Demographics are
exclusive to SusiHomes

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