Mississauga School Rankings – Public Schools

Mississauga school rankings have traditionally been only determined by the Fraser Institute, but I believe that I have come up with a better way to rank the schools in Mississauga. These rankings are best-suited for parents moving INTO Mississauga for the first-time, or for parents moving around within the Mississauga boundaries.

Being a Realtor and a concerned parent myself, I have tried to envision what is important to incoming parents, and have based my rankings around those ideas. I believe that every parent wants a school for their children that:

  1. Does consistently well in the EQAO testing;
  2. Has educators that appear to doing better than they are expected; and…
  3. Is in a desirable neighbourhood.

With these factors in mind, the SUSI Rankings for Mississauga schools were established. The 2014 Mississauga School Rankings have been ready for my clients since November 2013, and now is released to the general public. See analytic posts about each individual school by following their links below.

How Were The SUSI Rankings Determined?

What criteria was involved? And what the heck are the “Potency Rankings”?

The Problem with the Fraser Institute Rankings

For Mississauga, there is a BIG problem with the school rankings coming out of the Fraser Institute…. AND the other Mississauga real estate websites that regurgitate them…

Opposition to the SUSI Rankings

No, not everybody loves what I’m doing. And here’s what I say to that!


DID NOT MAKE THE TOP 50:RiversideChamplain TrailBritannia
Dunrankin DriveShelter BayNahani WayDixieSilver Creek
ElmcrestGarthwood ParkPlowman's ParkCooksville CreekQueenston Drive
Osprey WoodsKindreeAshgrove (closing)Artesian DriveMunden Park
Willow GlenRay UnderhillMarvin HeightsBrian W. FlemingWillow Way
RidgewoodJanet I. McDougaldOakridgePheasant Run (closed)Maple Wood