Keele Street Public School, Toronto

The 2024 Keele Street school ranking represents an opinion of ours based on hundreds of hours of research with the end-goal of determining where, exactly, the “best” schools in the the High Park/West End area area ARE for young families.

SusiHomes classifies schools (for our clients) into the following four groups:
Premium Recommendations
Alternate Recommendations
Tertiary Recommendations
Not Recommended

With the SUSI Rankings we help our clients find the best school/home/neighbourhood combination possible!

Keele Street School Ranking determination

Our Keele Street school ranking is integrated with consistency, the “teacher support” a school receives, and EQAO Performance. We believe that is more reliable for young families than the Fraser rankings.

Keele Street EQAO Performance & Consistency (2024)

The detailed EQAO performance for Keele Street is recorded each possible year (that is, when EQAO testing hasn’t been cancelled due to COVID or work action) at SusiHomes and turned into the figures you see below. These are the actual EQAO calculations used to determine the 2024 rankings.

Keele Street EQAO Toronto

A “consistency factor” and Teacher Support numbers (below) are also factored into the final ranking.

Keele Street Teacher Support (2024)

The Teacher Support receives at Keele Street is critical to determining its final ranking.

Keele Street school Toronto

2023 Data
Median Income ($$) – 80.5K
Single Parents – 17.3%
University Degree – 62.2%
High School or Less – 16.4%
ESL – 6.4%

Exactly what we mean by this is laid out here, but in a nutshell, if a school rises above their demographical expectations, they then can be considered a more worthy school, than others, for the attention of young family purchasers.

What is the SCHOOL RANKING for Keele Street in 2024?

The Keele Street school ranking from SusiHomes is the most reliable ranking in the region, in our opinion, and all rankings are available to our clients. When considering the best schools in the the High Park/West End area area , these rankings heavily influence our recommendations.

HOWEVER, not all well-ranked schools are recommended to our clients, and there are certainly MISTAKES that young families make when searching for homes in good school districts that should be avoided.

We help our clients eliminate these mistakes with our school classifications:
Premium Recommendations
Alternate Recommendations
Tertiary Recommendations
Not Recommended
Keele Street falls into one of these categories. As a preview, you can see the Top 5 Public elementary schools in Toronto here.

How Susi PROTECTS You When You Buy A House

It’s very simple. We protect you by telling you everything WRONG with a house, even if you love it. You need to know all this before making an offer. And what we miss, our Home Inspector will get. All buyer agents are FREE. Choose SusiHomes as your Realtors. We will help your family the most.

Neighbourhood & Demographics

Our exclusive School-District-Specific DEMOGRAPHICS are available to ALL HomeBuyers at SusiHomes, and they include Income Levels, Religions, Single Parents, Languages Spoken and much more. These are demographics ONLY within the school district itself!! For an example, see an overview of the ethnic and religious diversity for Keele Street in the graphic below.

Keele Street ranking Demographics Toronto

SusiHomes uses customized data specific to each individual school district for their calculations. And it’s THIS kind of data – EXCLUSIVE to SusiHomes and unavailable anywhere else! – that’s available to all HomeBuyers buying with the helpful agents at SusiHomes.

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