Real estate in great GTA school districts!


Susi Kostyniuk

Oakville/Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke

Susi believes that she has built her success on the two tenets of entrepreneurship: hard work and knowledge. She is well-aware of the suspect reputation Realtors have among the general public… but she aims to actively defeat that reputation. Work hard, be respectful, provide great service, and add value – these are the minimum criteria any agent should provide to the client. Thus, adding value to her clients through knowledge that they need is one of her primary concerns. This value is greatly appreciated by her clients, and in turn, she is grateful for their appreciation.

Through much experience and always asking questions, Susi has gained a wealth of knowledge about all the problems a home can have, and SHE WILL NOT HIDE those problems from any of her buyers. She knows how to sell a home quickly and for top dollar, and she has the stats to back this up. And, obviously, she’s become a premier authority on schools, as the majority of her clients are young families seeking the best for their children. Her knowledge is displayed on this website. No other individual Realtor in the GTA even comes close to the school information she imparts on

Susi had been a real estate Sales Representative since 2009, earning her Broker designation in 2014. She began her career at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, and has had a successful beginning to her career. In 2013 she received the prestigious BHGRE “Emerald Elite” award and was the Top Realtor* in a brokerage of 60 sales representatives and brokers, and 2nd across all of BHGRE Canada, over 300 real estate agents strong. She left the brokerage in December of 2014, rising up to being the #1 Agent in Canada through the first 11 months of the year.* She joined the dynamic and fast-growing Keller Williams organization immediately after.

Since arriving at Keller Williams, Susi has consistently been in the top 5 agents* in a brokerage of over 300 agents. This is mainly due to the excellent service she gives her buyers and referrals. Susi also sells a lot of homes without ever advertising herself as a seller!

She came to Canada at five years old, and soon after was hospitalized with near-fatal tonsillitis, but eventually emerged healthy with the help from her loving family. She has lived in Mississauga for most of her life, and has recently moved to Oakville. She has attended Riverside, Tomken Middle, Applewood HS and the University of Toronto at Mississauga, where she completed a Honours Bachelor of Science. For ten years she was something called a “fluvial geomorphologist” before placing all her eggs in the real estate basket. The hours are twice as long – but for Susi, the job is a hundred times more fun! She enjoys the people she helps immensely, and is greatly satisfied with the ultimate results of these partnerships.

Susi has had a loving and loyal relationship with her husband Jeff for 25 years, and they have two beautiful children. Having school-aged children herself gives her great empathy for the young families that connect with her.

*Based on closed GCI (Gross Commission Income).