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Best Public Schools in Mississauga

What Are The Best Public Schools in Mississauga?
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Last updated on May 13, 2024 by SUSI KOSTYNIUK

Real estate agents should know where the best schools in Mississauga are FOR PARENTS MOVING INTO THE CITY. You know, those school districts that are the best combination of school competency and neighbourhood.

Best Public Schools in MississaugaThe Fraser Institute’s School Report Card does not do this. They only consider K-6 and K-8 schools, but over two-thirds of Mississauga’s public schools are K-5! They spit out scores based on only ONE year (as their default), without any consideration for consistency.

And lastly, the Fraser Institute does not factor district demographics into their rankings, which I believe is a major pitfall to their ultimate relevancy. In my opinion, consistency in a school’s performance is imperative to parents who are seeking long-term residency in Mississauga. Thus, I set out to do my OWN research to determine what really were the best schools in Mississauga for parents… and created the SUSI Rankings.

For the ten-year period previous to 2024, the five best public elementary schools in Mississauga are:


Credit Valley/ Thomas Street
Castlebridge/ Thomas Street

Which Public schools in Mississauga does SusiHomes recommend?

We have Premium Recommendations, Alternate Recommendations, Tertiary Recommendations, and schools that we do not recommend at all. Recommendations are based on: Rankings, neighbourhood, any “news” we may hear about the school, and also the future middle and high schools for the district.

Where can I find the full list of Mississauga Public school rankings?

Full rankings and Recommendations are now exclusively available to all of Susi’s clients for their personal use. Our EQAO calculations, Teacher Support rankings, and Diversity numbers, however, are still available for most Mississauga Public elementary schools, and those schools can be found here.

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How do I find a home in a recommended school district?

It’s simple. When looking for a great home in a great school district, not only do rankings have to be measured, but also quality and safety of the neighbourhood, and of course the happiness YOU feel with your home! When you have a young family, there is so much to consider.

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Let SusiHomes help you. There are 76 rank-able Public elementary schools in Mississauga, and we can help you locate the best home for your young family, in a recommended school district, and in a recommended neighbourhood. We can help you navigate, and plan for things like French Immersion in Mississauga and Mississauga high school rankings, as well. We are also the only Realtors in Mississauga that have specific demographics for EACH, INDIVIDUAL district. This kind of information might be very useful to young, home-seeking parents.

Reach out to us through the link below, and let’s get started!

About the Mississauga School Rankings

On our website, we have school rankings for:
Mississauga and Brampton
Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Georgetown and Hamilton
Etobicoke and the West End/High Park area
Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill

The rankings here are the amalgamation of two separate reports we have compiled: SUSI’s 7-year EQAO Rankings and SUSI’s Potency Rankings. SUSI’s 7-year EQAO Rankings are mostly self-explanatory. In order to measure the consistency of a school’s performance, we compiled the scores from the last 7 years of EQAO scores for each of Mississauga’s Public schools. The more recent the year, the more weight that year’s EQAO scores were given.

SUSI’s Potency Rankings attempt to measure how well a school’s principals and teachers are performing vis-a-vis how well they are EXPECTED to perform, given their district’s socio-economic lot. In other words, schools in districts that have parents with a higher-than-average income and education level, and that have less ESL students and single parents, are EXPECTED to perform better than their less-fortunate counterparts. If a school isn’t performing up to expectation, that should be noted. Likewise, if a school is performing well ABOVE expectation, that should also not just be noted, but congratulated!

Mississauga School RankingsThe combination of these two studies (along with a “consistency factor”) provide us with the crucial information we need to help young families find the best Mississauga Public school district for them to live in. We publish our opinion of the Top 5 Public Elementary Schools in Mississauga a couple months after we determine them for ourselves – but of course the full version of the latest rankings are always available for counsel towards our current home-seeking clients.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Mississauga, we’d be happy to help and to protect your family. 🙂