French Immersion in Milton Public Schools

French Immersion in Milton Public Schools
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As real estate agents who know a whole lot about schools, our clients ask us about French Immersion programs in Milton quite frequently. Our clients feel that French Immersion schools provide “better education”, and this is based on EQAO stats through recent years. This is not without merit. In Milton and York Region, where you can directly regionally-compare the EQAO pass-rates of French Immersion students vs. English-track students, we found a 17% difference in performance in 2014. Does that mean that FI students perform 17% better than English-track students? Not necessarily, as the program does indeed attract students from (generally) more-concerned parents. But the numbers are certainly intriguing.

Should you put your own child into French Immersion? Perhaps this article and this article and also this article can help you with your decision.

Here is information about the French Immersion programs at public schools in Milton…

  • In Milton, French Immersion starts in Grade 2. The children will spend their entire school day learning all subjects in French and NONE learning in English. Beginning in Grade 3, English-learning will be slowly re-introduced until the learning is 50/50 in Grade 4 (50% learning in English, 50% learning in French). The program is then continued at select secondary schools.
  • Getting into the French Immersion program at the Grade Two level in Milton is automatic, but if the school/grade is at capacity, your children may have to attend another school until spots free up.
  • For a fuller breakdown of the French Immersion program, please visit the Halton Board’s FI web-page HERE. Please note that there technically isn’t a registration deadline for French Immersion (for September placement), but it is certainly recommended to register early to avoid most problems.
  • A list and ranking of the schools in Milton that offer French Immersion programs is at the bottom of this page. (They have been ranked by 7-year EQAO scores only, as opposed to our regular rankings where Potency and Consistency also affect the rankings.)

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Why such a demand for French Immersion? Perhaps a comment from “Willy999” on the forums puts it best… He wrote:
“Some of the demand for French Immersion comes from parents who view the program as a better learning environment for their children as opposed to a program that stresses French. The program is viewed as a “private school” within the public system. The demand for French Immersion could be reduced by offering these parents an alternative English based program.”

It is true that schools with French Immersion programs generally do better in the EQAO tests than schools without. Is this indicative of the level of education given, or is it just that they attract a “smarter” student? We believe it is more of the latter. However, we still recommend these French Immersion schools to our clients as most parents would prefer to have their children be influenced by peers who do well in school.

THERE IS SO MUCH TO KNOW about French Immersion in Milton, including the crazy boundaries that may change from year to year! Be very careful when moving to Milton that you know exactly where your child is going to be attending.

Here are the rankings for the Top Five public elementary schools in Milton that currently offer the French Immersion program:


EW Foster/W.I. Dick
Robert Baldwin/W.I. Dick

There are 3 other public elementary schools in Milton that currently offer French Immersion.

Here is a list of the public High Schools in Milton that currently offer the French Immersion program:
Craig Kielburger SS
Milton District SS